Coding Specialist Billing Dept
"You have really given me great advice over the years and it has allowed me to do my job to my maximum potential."
CEO  "In our 10 plus years  of working together  you've once again come through for me  when I needed you!  Thanks for the great job. 
Billing Manager
"With all the change in billing and healthcare, our billing department has never skipped a beat and we owe that success to you... Thank you TS4MO!"
Billing Dept Staff Mbr
"I've never thought of you as anything but part of our own team!"
Welcome to TS4MO | Technology Solutions 4 the Medical Office
The Right TOOLS Help You GROW
We will provide you with the valuable tools and services you need to stay productive and provide continuity of care for your patients. 

You will find that our family of services, combined with our caring and knowledgeable staff, is your best choice in offering efficient and cost-effective solutions to your daily demands.
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TS4MO has worked successfully with our clients with our greatest rewards in being able to provide effective solutions and improve processes within our client's practice.  We strive to provide effective and efficient solutions to our clients in an affordable service package. 

With years of experience working in the medical field both in practice management software and clinical operations,
TS4MO was formed in 2006, working directly with departments: Administration, Finance, and Billing.

Our experience in practice management software, clinical operations, and billing compliance issues, has provided us a unique combination of technical and clinical knowledge continuing the growth of
TS4MO is Solutions Consultant provider.  We specialize in operations within your practice; assisting you in selecting, creating, and maintaining solutions in technology, practice management, and workflow, and in providing tools that allow your staff to work more productively.

In addition to Solution Consulting Services,
TS4MO also can provide both billing services and practice management software allowing us to customize an option that is right for your practice!

Accelerate Your Revenue
Increase Your Revenue
Simplicity and Ease

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
                                  - Leonardo Da Vinci

“Whether a practice decides to license medical billing software, access it through an ASP (application service provider) model or outsource accounts receivable entirely, third-party billing solutions will help reduce labor, improve efficiencies and increase revenue.”

“Many healthcare executives have made the choice to outsource so they can focus on their primary goal of providing their services and treating patients without getting distracted by automated billing systems.”

-  Health Management Technology,  March 2011
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